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From: Jimmy D. Brown
Date: Thursday, 7:58 AM (Yep, I'm up earlier than usual)
RE: 100% Free Advertising for YOU

Dear Marketer,

This is going to shock most people who read about it.

I haven't paid for a single ad in over 3 years.

Let that sink in for just a minute.

I haven't purchased an ad in over 3 years.

No Overture pay-per-click listings. No Google Ads. No paid solo mailings. No gimmick software. No co-registrations.


Not a single penny.

And yet I continue to receive tens of thousands of visitors to my sites each month, pull in huge profits and add thousands of new opt-in subscribers to my lists.

Here are just a few of the results from the free advertising technique I'm about to share with you...

  • In the past 2 weeks alone I pulled in $3,401 in PROFIT for just ONE of my 3 dozen products through free advertising!

  • I average sales every single day for my eBook Creator software and my Traffic Virus software that are brought in through free advertising!

  • My new 3,000 square foot home is being paid for by affiliate commissions that were generated completely with free advertising!

  • The "Profit Pulling Updates" list that was built completely with free advertising brings me in $5K - $10K every month!

Most people would be thrilled with those results from PAID advertising!

And yet I haven't had to spend any money at all to generate those results, and the many other results that are equally as impressive.

But, that isn't even the best part...

Revealed: Not only can you generate web
site traffic and build your lists for FREE,
but you can do it AUTOMATICALLY!

You see, I don't really "work" at free advertising.

I don't monitor pay-per-click listings to see if I'm being outbid.

I don't search the web to find more quality newsletters to advertise in.

I don't blast out ads day after day to safelists.

I set up my "automated profit generators" and let them do the work for me.

And now, in an "all access" presentation, I'm going to tell you all of my secrets about how you can use this completely free advertising tool yourself.


"Viral eBook Brainstorm "

In this "tell-all" audio presentation, viral
marketing expert Jimmy D. Brown reveals
his exact formula for using free eBooks to
build lists and drive traffic to any site!


Here's just a "taste" of what secrets are let out in Viral eBook Brainstorm...

  • How to set up your own "automated profit generators" to generate completely free traffic to any web site or affiliate page you choose!

  • How to automatically build opt-in email lists for any topic without spending a penny on advertising!

  • Exactly what "viral marketing" really is -- explained in simple terms that anyone can understand ... and revealed so anyone can use it over and over again!

  • The exact formula that I use to create viral eBooks out of thin air anytime I want to promote any offer I want ... 5 easy steps for you to duplicate!

  • How to get people to actually pass on your viral eBook to others who in turn pass them on to their contacts ... I'll tell you exactly how I get thousands of people to distribute my eBooks!

  • How to get people to download your eBook, read it and respond to your offers inside so you can actually make money!

  • A paint-by-numbers system for quickly and easily putting together your own free eBook that anyone can follow!

  • The one "secret weapon" that virtually guarantees your success with these "automated profit generators!"

  • 5 keys to success that have allowed me to make an incredible 6-figure income by giving away free eBooks!

  • 3 easy keys to unleashing a free publicity monster you can use to promote any offer you want by giving away free eBooks!

  • The one secret to getting people to actually buy from you so you can make money with viral marketing!

  • The fastest way to get your viral eBook spread around the web so you can see quick results to your web site hit counter!

  • The absolute easiest way to make money with viral eBooks on "autopilot".

And that's just the tip of the iceberg here.

In this 4 audio set, you'll learn everything you need to know about profiting from viral eBooks.

And you can finally start seeing real traffic to your site and real profits in your bank account!

But, it gets even better...

While Everyone Else is Worried About The Future of Email Marketing, You Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief...

Seems like everyone is worried about email marketing these days.

  • Is SPAM going to kill the effectiveness of legitimate lists?

  • Why aren't my emails getting through to my subscribers?

  • How come I don't make as many sales as I once did?

Well, you don't have to worry about that one.

With viral eBooks, the traffic and profits keep rolling in around the clock regardless of what's happening with SPAM filters and legislation and people unsubscribing left and right.

While everyone else is worried about the future of email marketing, you can breathe a sigh of relief because your traffic and profits don't depend on email when you use viral eBooks!

Learn how to profit with these "automated profit generators" and you can kiss your worries good-bye!

With Viral eBook Brainstorm, you'll discover how to automatically increase your traffic and sales!

No More Trying to "Figure It Out Yourself"!
Here's The Answer to Every One of Your Questions...

I've taken the Top 20 questions that I receive from my clients about generating free traffic and building free email lists with viral eBooks...

...and I've answered all of them for you.

Nothing has been held back.

No secrets have remained secret!

It's all out in the open in this presentation for you to put into practice for yourself...

What is viral marketing and viral eBooks? Everyone seems to talk about it, but no one can give me a really good explanation. Can you explain it in simple terms so I can understand?
How can I use viral eBooks to automatically generate traffic to my website or affiliate page?
If you had to narrow down the entire strategy of using viral eBooks to generate more traffic, subscribers and sales into three keys, what would they be?
How can I get people to pass around my viral eBooks to other people so I can truly get free advertising for my online business?
What is the ONE SECRET to getting readers of the viral eBooks to actually buy something from me so I can make money from viral marketing?
With so many of these viral eBooks starting to pop up, how can I get people to pass on mine instead of the others?
What is the easiest way to stand out among the crowd and get the maximum amount of people promoting MY viral eBook?
I want to put together a viral eBook as quickly and easily as possible ... can you give me the exact steps I need to take in order to create a successful viral marketing campaign with free eBooks?
I want to get this right the first time, so how do I know that I've got a great idea for a viral eBook that people will want to pass on to others?
What equipment do I need in order to create a viral eBook? Are there special software or tools that I should download?
What is the fastest way to get my viral eBook spread around on the web?
How can I use PAID viral eBooks to really turbocharge my viral profits and increase my lists?
What do you consider to be the easiest way for me to make money with viral eBooks? I want to make money on "autopilot" ... what is the best way to see REAL profits from these eBooks?
Are there any rules that I need to remember with my viral eBooks in order to protect myself against problems?
What is your one "Secret Weapon" that allows you to be so successful with viral eBooks ... and how can I personally use it to build my profits and lists with my own viral eBook?
What is the absolute most important part of viral eBook marketing ... the one thing that I MUST do?
How can I use viral eBooks to build large opt-in lists?
What is the future of viral eBooks?
Are eBooks becoming devalued? How can I make certain that I continue to generate traffic and sales with viral eBooks even though there are tens of thousands of them out there?
Jimmy, I know that you make an incredible 6-figure income with viral eBooks and low-cost viral reprint rights products. Can you give me some keys to seeing that same kind of success myself?

Like I said, nothing is held back here!

This All Sounds Great, But How Does It Work?

Okay, I'll go ahead and answer the 21st question right here. :-)

How does it work?

That's a good question.

Maybe you are unfamiliar with viral marketing and viral eBooks, so let's take a brief overview look at the process of driving traffic, building lists and generating profits by giving away free eBooks...

How Viral eBooks Produce Profits

I don't want to oversimplify things here, but the "process" really boils down to four steps.

I'm just going to give you a quick "overview" of how profits are actually produced by giving away free eBooks.

All of the details are explained thoroughly in the Viral eBook Brainstorm presentation.


Create a Free eBook To Give Away
Obviously, it all begins with you creating a free eBook to give away. This eBook typically is 7-10 pages in length, a short, focused report on a specific topic. In the presentation, I explain how to find the right topic, where to get content for it and specific things you need to include.


Promote An Offer and a List Inside
Inside the free eBook, you'll want to promote at least one offer and one list. Both of these should be highly related to the content of the eBook itself. You can promote your own site, an affiliate link, reprint rights, coaching, advertising, any list ... virtually any offer you choose. I explain how to do this to effectively see results in the audio presentation. (NOTE: Do it the wrong way and you won't profit a penny!)

Authorize Other People to Pass it On
Inside the eBook itself and throughout your own distribution of the eBook, you authorize (and even encourage!) other people to pass on your eBook to their own contacts (their website visitors and subscribers, etc.) Each person who obtains a copy of your eBook is authorized to become a distributors himself There are many ways to get folks to pass your eBook on and I explain them thoroughly in the presentation.
See Results As Readers Click Links
As your eBook begins circulating, people will read the information inside and see your offers for products, lists, etc. When they click on the links and respond, that's where you get results. People join your lists. They visit your web site. They purchase your products. They order from your affiliate link. Throughout the presentation, I give you numerous ideas for achieving these kinds of profitable results.

So, that's how it all basically "works."

There are a lot of important details in the process that I'll explain to you once you download the audio files and the transcripts.

You'll get access to my own formula -- nothing for you to figure out on your own.

Count Me In! Exactly What Do I Receive When I Order
the Viral eBook Brainstorm Package Today?

You get a complete viral eBook education!

Specifically, when you order Viral eBook Brainstorm, you'll receive...

4 Audio Files in MP3 format. You'll be able to instantly download the entire 71 minute, 18 second audio presentation recorded "live." You can play the MP3s on your computer or with your favorite MP3 player.
Complete, word-by-word Transcript. You'll also be able to immediately download the entire presentation transcript in PDF format. (Yes, it's MAC compatible!) You can print it out to study carefully or follow along as you listen to the audios.
20 Questions and Answers about Viral eBooks! You'll learn all about profiting from viral eBooks from THE expert on the subject. I answer the top 20 questions about giving away free eBooks and share insider details that have never been revealed before.
Everything you need to know in order to get completely free advertising for any site, affiliate link or mailing list! You'll discover the exact formula that I personally use and, more importantly, you'll learn how YOU can use it for your own free advertising money machine!

Order Today and Receive 3 Exclusive Bonuses!

If you order Viral eBook Brainstorm today, you'll also receive 3 exclusive bonuses that you won't find anywhere else online!

Exclusive Bonus 01
Viral eBook Ideas
"116 Profitable Ideas for Viral eBooks"

In this exclusive bonus, you'll have access to 116 viral eBook ideas, along with dozens of specific examples for how to profit from them.

This idea brainstorming session is 34 minutes, 08 seconds in length and is power-packed from beginning to end with ideas to make your next viral eBook a highly profitable one.

MP3 Audio File and PDF Transcript

Exclusive Bonus 02
Viral eBook High Octane
"How to QUICKLY Launch a Viral eBook"

In this short audio presentation, you'll discover 12 incredible ideas for QUICKLY getting your viral eBook spread across the web.

Typically, viral marketing takes a bit of time to develop, but you'll discover how to inject your eBook with some "high octane" fuel and get it into the hands of thousands of people in a very short amount of time.

MP3 Audio File and PDF Transcript

Exclusive Bonus 03
Viral eBook Mistakes
"5 Viral eBook Mistakes That Will Cost You Major Profits"

This audio bonus is worth the price of the entire course by itself, as I share with you my 5 most costly mistakes that I've made with my own viral eBooks...

... so you don't have to make them yourself!

These mistakes have *literally* cost me thousands of dollars in profit and I continue to lose money every month because of them.

I share them with you, and let you know exactly how to avoid them.

MP3 Audio File and PDF Transcript

Order Completely Risk-Free Today With Our Full
Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee...

Look, here's the thing. I cannot guarantee you that you'll succeed with viral eBooks by following my formula. It has worked for me. It has worked for my clients. But, I can't promise that it will work for you.

What I can promise you is this: If you are not completely satisfied with this product for any reason, I'll give you a full refund of your money with no questions asked.

I can't promise that you'll be able to duplicate my success, but I can promise you that you'll get your money back if you aren't happy with the product.

I'll teach you everything I know and exactly what you need to do.

The rest is up to YOU.

So, order your copy now...

Yes, Jimmy, count me in! I have read the legal statements below and agree to the terms.

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Jimmy D. Brown