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Free Tutorials With Every Order Placed...
When you order the Templates To Go package you'll automatically receive 6 free tutorials from Jimmy D. Brown and Terry Dean, including how to choose a domain name, how to pick the right webhost, how to write a sales letter, how to generate profits from your site, and how to promote your website!

Create Your Own Professional Webpage For 
Only $2.00 And Less Than 10 Minutes of Work...

From the Computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Friday, 2:09 P.M.
Re:  $2.00 Web Page Templates

Dear Friend,

I'll be real honest with you.  When I first came online, one of the most difficult things that I had to overcome was designing a professional webpage.  With little to invest and no experience at all, I faced the same two options that most people face when creating a web site...

Option 1 >>> Hire a professional web site designer.

I did a bit of research and found that I could have a professional web site designed online without any problem at all.  In fact, there were hundreds of designers ready to get to work on my site.  Only one problem...they all cost way too much!  Some of them as much as $1,000 for a one page design.  Ouch!  I just didn't have the budget for that. And even if I did, the thought of spending that much money on a web page design was too much to swallow...think of all of the advertising I could buy with that $1,000!

Option 2 >>> Do it yourself from scratch.

The other option that I had was to design the site myself.  I researched HTML code and found myself more confused than I was before I began.  If I put in one tiny snippet of code the wrong way it warped my entire page.  It was so frustrating.  And even when I found those WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor software programs, it didn't do me much good.  They were fine for editing existing layouts, but not much help for creating them from scratch.  I just didn't want to invest weeks trying to learn how to do it myself.  Every day I wasted was another day that my site wasn't up and bringing in profits.  

At that time, there wasn't a third option.  But, fortunately for you, there is another option...and it's the best one by far!

Quickly and Easily Create Webpages With 10 Ready-Made Layouts You Can Use Now...

With the Templates To Go package, you'll access 10 ready-made webpage layouts. In fact, the one that you are looking at right now is one of these templates. You can view the remainder of them by Clicking Here.

These 10 templates are ready-to-go. All you need to do is insert your sales letter and contact details -- then, you are ready to upload them to your web site.

No fuss, no muss.

No large investment.  No learning curve. No wasted time or money. Just a set of professionally designed templates that anyone can use. The average person takes less than 10 minutes to copy and paste their sales letter into the template and make the changes to the contact links.

And at only $2.00 per template (come on, you spend more than that on a couple of donuts on the way to work!) the Templates To Go package kind of makes the decision for you on whether or not you should grab it up like it was the last of the glazed! Click Here to order now.

When You Order The Templates Today
You'll Also Receive 6 Free Tutorials...

In addition to the 10 ready-made webpage layouts (we'll talk about those again in just a minute), I've also included 6 completely free tutorials to help you make the most out of your templates and your web site. These are short 1-10 page tutorials that you can read through in minutes. Included are...

    Tutorial #1 >> How to edit the web page templates.

    Tutorial #2 >> How to choose the perfect domain name.

    Tutorial #3 >> How to pick the right host for your web site.

    Tutorial #4 >> How to write an order-producing sales letter.

    Tutorial #5 >> How to generate profits from your web site.

    Tutorial #6 >> How to promote your web site quickly and successfully.

That's right, you'll get more than the 10 templates themselves (although that would be more than enough for the small price of this package!) You'll also get some rock-solid information you can use immediately to turn your web site into a profitable online venture.

In these 6 tutorials you'll discover things like...

  • 5 completely free HTML editor software applications you can download immediately to make changes to the templates in the package. These aren't demos -- they are fully functional programs that won't cost you a penny. NOTE:  Of course, you can use your existing HTML editor, if you want. :o)

  • How to pick the perfect domain name for your website, including 4 quick tips for domain selection and the three questions that you MUST ask yourself before registering if you want to choose the most profitable name available for your business. YES, choosing the right name has a lot to do with how much profit you earn from your site!

  • 9 proven tips for choosing the right web hosting company for your site -- even if you already have a host, you MUST read this or risk tremendous profit loss! You'll learn exactly what your hosting company SHOULD be providing you with and how this is critical to your success on the internet!

  • 5 simple strategies for writing a sales letter that turns your web site visitors into paying customers, including 4 ways to use the success of Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Terry Dean, Marlon Sanders, Allen Says and Corey Rudl to increase your own responses!

  • 2 easy ways to convert MORE of your visitors into customers and how to sell MORE products and services to them while barely lifting a finger. You'll discover some simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to increase your profits from your EXISTING web site traffic, without spending a penny!

  • Jimmy D. Brown's own personal Top 4 List of Promotion Tactics that I personally use for promoting my business -- and they will work for ANY web site on the internet. Stop wasting your time on things that don't work and market your site in proven effective ways that the top web marketers in the world use.

Again, these are just a few of the things you'll read inside the Templates To Go package. In addition to the templates themselves, you'll find 27 pages of rock-solid information to help you develop a wildly profitable web site.

And Did I Forget To Mention The Free
5-Day "Web Writing Secrets" eCourse?

Oh yeah, it must have slipped my mind. :o) With your order of the Templates To Go package, you'll also receive a free copy of the new Web Writing Secrets eCourse. You'll receive 5 daily lessons via email on web copywriting...

    Day 1 of Web Writing Secrets-- "How to Write Killer Advertising That Practically Forces People To Respond."

    Day 2 of Web Writing Secrets-- "How to Turn Features Into Benefits In Your Sales Copy" HINT: You won't sell a thing without learning this lesson.

    Day 3 of Web Writing Secrets-- "The 4 Parts of a Powerful Guarantee And How To Use Them To Produce More Sales."

    Day 4 of Web Writing Secrets -- "How to Turn Your Visitors Into Paying Customers."

    Day 5 of Web Writing Secrets-- "How to Increase Your Response Rates 1800% By Tomorrow Afternoon."

Web Writing Secrets is yours free with your order. So, I guess the only thing left to do now is...

Order Now To Receive All Of This For
Only $19.97 Including Master Reprint Rights!

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That's right, when you order below, you will also receive a FREE master reprint rights license to sell this incredible package. Sell it from your web site for $19.97 and keep every penny you earn. There are no royalties to pay -- ever!

Heck, you'll even receive a webpage just like this one, sales letter and all.

GUARANTEE: If Templates To Go is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

Wishing you much success online,
Jimmy D. Brown and Mike Merz

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 **NOTE: This product may not be included in a package offer or a membership site, nor may it be given away. It must be sold separately as a stand-alone product.

Copyright © 2002 by Jimmy D. Brown. All rights reserved.