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This may *literally* be the most important ebook you'll ever download to your computer. Read on to find out how you can get the ebook that has the potential to change your business forever...

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From the computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Friday, 2:58 PM
RE: The most important eBook you'll ever download

Dear Friend,

Let me make your online marketing life easier.

What if I could save you months of time learning, plus speed up the process in which you both profit from your existing business (or start one) AND expand your business to rake in even more money?

Would you be interested?

Would you be interested if I could provide you with instant access to an exclusive list of hand-picked sites (all of them completely FREE) that provide content, tools and services that can radically improve your business?

You'd be crazy if you weren't! :-)

So, let me make your online marketing life easier.

Here's how...

Grab your own "Backstage Pass" to the best
money-making resources in the world!

Let me be honest with you here: I don't have a lot of extra time in my life that I want to devote to "research."

I'd rather spend my time on more important things like my family, and my golf game.

I'm sure you're the same way.

And, even in my "business life", I'd rather be making money than trying to find out how to do this or do that.

Don't get me wrong: learning is absolutely critical to success online. I'd just rather not spend my time trying to find out WHERE to learn.

I'd rather cut to the chase and just get there and get back to those important things I mentioned.

Unfortunately, after searching all over the place for a directory of resources that I would have gladly paid good money to buy, I couldn't find one. And I looked EVERYWHERE.

So I decided months ago to start putting together my personal "rolodex" of the most valuable online marketing resources that I found myself using on a regular basis. Everytime I would discover a new one, I'd add it to my personal "vault" of valuable resources.

I decided to create my own resource guide once and for all so I would always be just one click away from every resource that I have discovered that helps me make more profit in my online business.

And I'm about to share this closely-guarded resource directory with you.

Compiling this directory of resources turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done for my business. As I expected, I found myself refering to these free resources over and over and over again.

Why? Because...

  • They save me enormous amounts of time.
  • They keep me constantly updated.
  • They provide me with incredible feedback and support.
  • They help automate my business.
  • They teach me the latest trends, tactics, and strategies.
  • They offer me tools to bring it all together.

Quite simply, they help me keep my business growing and pulling in more and more profits as the days and weeks go by.

I've found them to be an invaluable part of my success.

The Internet Changes Quickly And Internet
Marketing Changes Even Faster!

The biggest single "key" to my online marketing success has been the ability to keep up with the ever-changing tactics and strategies that other marketers "figure out" on a day-to-day basis.

I've made more profit from little "tricks" and techniques that I have learned for FREE from others online than I have from strategies that I read about in marketing products that I've had to pay for.

I learned these special tactics and kept up with the changing trends of online marketing thanks to the special resource guide I've been telling you about.

Now "that all sounds great", you might be thinking. "But, what's it got to do with me?"

Good question.

And I'll answer it with a question...

How would YOU like to grab a copy of this resource collection?

How would you like to get your own "backstage pass" and put your hands on my own "secret" directory of profit-generating resources?

How would you like to...

  • Save enormous amounts of time?
  • Stay constantly updated on profiting online?
  • Receive incredible feedback and support for your business?
  • Automate your business even while you profit more?
  • Be taught the the latest trends and tactics?
  • Receive the tools to put it all together?

Great! Let me make your online marketing life easier.

Why spend hours and hours looking when you
could be making more and more money?

One of my good friends taught me one of the most profound truths I have ever learned about running my own business.

He told me, "Jimmy, when it comes to your business, don't spend any more time than absolutely necessary on doing things that aren't making you more money."

That statement changed a great deal of my business "approach."

Think about it: why would YOU want to spend hours and hours looking for information and tools to help you build your business when you could be devoting that time to things that are actually making money?

Let's look at it practically. Which of these is better...

Spending 45 HOURS searching keywords at trying to find out the current hot trends of Internet marketing, OR

Going straight to a specific message board that has the sharpest Internet marketing minds in the world and simply asking them?

Again, why would you want to spend hours of your life trying to find information that could be provided in only minutes? Use the time saved to do more things that make money! (Create products, write JV proposals, etc.)

Why spend $250, $500 or even $1,000 on a marketing consultant's advice when you can get input from multiple expert marketers without spending a penny?

Which of these is better...

Spending hours and hours trying to "figure out" the search engines (this is a full-time job in itself) to get your website ranked highly, OR

Going directly to a phenomenal site that has helped more people win the search engine game than McDonald's has cranked out hamburgers?

How about these...

Buying product after product after product to help you become a better affiliate marketer so you can generate some bigger commission checks, OR

Instantly downloading a 200 page manual that doesn't cost a penny that will teach you more about becoming a "super affiliate" than ten other courses combined?

Do you see the importance here? It's all about saving you time and money.

So which would you prefer...

Spending valuable time looking for ways to generate more traffic to your website, OR

Receiving a steady supply of traffic generating ideas from others that are currently using them?

Again, we're talking about saving you time without sacrificing the information and tools you need to be successful. And we're talking about saving you money because every resource in this ebook is completely free of charge to you.

Let me make your online marketing life easier!

That's exactly why I put together Razor Sharp Resources. It's my own personal "rolodex" of marketing resources -- all of them are 100% completely free.

When you grab your copy of Razor Sharp Resources, here are just a few things you'll find...

  • 8 jam-packed ecourses covering 53 red-hot internet marketing lessons from some of the most successful marketers in the world. They spill-the-beans on everything from "how to make a fortune with email marketing" to "how to persuade with words" to "how to launch the ultimate home business. NOTE: One of these ecourses was previously sold for $97.00 by itself! (Learn more for free in resources #25-29, #31-33 than some paid products)

  • The supreme "article bank" directory, listing over 70 sites that offer and accept ezine articles for distribution. Whether you're looking for fresh information to publish in your newsletter (or just for your own research) or you want to submit your original articles for others to publish, this portal site provides live links to over 70 ezine article directories. (Drive tons of freebie traffic from resource #14)

  • A little-known link that takes you to a site offering an online course from super direct marketer Dan Kennedy on how to increase your profits in 21 days or less. You'll be able to instantly access 6 free lessons from one of the all-time legends of marketing. (You'll find this secret link in resource #30)

  • 277 marketing and direct marketing questions and answers covering everything from "branding" to "unique positioning" to "writing ad copy" to "mailing to lists." This is a very unique site (I just about guarantee that neither you, nor anyone you know has ever heard of it) that answers the 277 most asked questions about marketing and direct marketing.(Visit this great marketing resource #16)

  • 2 brand-spanking-new content sites that provide fresh, exclusive information that is delivered 3-5 times per week ... and is perfect for helping you build your business by following their proven strategies and up-to-the-minute web trends! (See amazing resources #1 and #2)

  • Go "behind-the-scenes" with the number one specialty site online for learning how to get highly ranked in search engines. This incredible site has all the latest developments in search engine news to help you stay highly ranked as well. (Get tons of free traffic from resource #7)

Are you beginning to see how valuable this ebook can be to you? If you are interested in saving time and money, this is for you.

If just ONE of the FIFTY-FIVE resources highlighted in Razor Sharp Resources turns out to be of value to you, it will have been well-worth grabbing a copy of it.

I guarantee you that you'll find sites in here that will dramatically impact your business. Things like...

  • 6 powerful and profitable ebooks that you can immediately download to your computer, covering everything from "joint ventures" to "writing sales letters" to "becoming a super affiliate" to "finding hot product ideas" to "mastering pay-per-click search engines." You'll be able to immediately download these six ebooks, totalling over 250 pages of rock-solid content. (Download these awesome resources #19-24)

  • 2 high-impact archive sites that are jam-packed with dozens of issues from two of the most successful marketers in the history of the world (that's not an exaggeration!). Instantly download back issues of newsletter issues that others have paid as much as $197.00 per year to no cost to you! (Check out resources #3 and #4)

  • 4 of the absolute best marketing forums available on the planet. Whether you need a critique of your website, advice on a product idea, some help with a specific issue you are facing, or are looking for joint venture partners for an upcoming project, visit these sites and post your questions ... and let some of the sharpest minds in the world give you their suggestions. NOTE: Some of the biggest deals of the past five years have been put together at these sites. (Get a fortune worth of free consulting and personal help from resources #34-37)

  • An incredible resource site that will help you stay on top of the pay-per-click search engine game ... offering articles, tools and directories to teach you how to master top listings for any keyword you choose. (Visit resource #6)

  • 3 completely searchable indexes of the best marketing and business articles available online. Simply type in your keyword (I.E. affiliate) , keyphrase (I.E. email marketing) or author name (I.E. Jimmy D. Brown) and you'll instantly have a listing of all the articles available, with a link taking you directly to any information you want. (You'll want to make a special note of resource #11, #12, and #13)

  • A priceless forum script that you can download and use to launch your very own online message board. This gem of a script is easily worth thousands of dollars ... I've seen similar scripts being sold in that price range that offer the same features. This has virtually every feature available for forums: I still can't believe it's free. (Check out resource #38)

Seriously, these resources have the potential to really provide both immediate and lasting value to your business.

Not only does this ebook save you time and money, but it points you to hand-picked sites that offer free information and tools that can really help you increase your profits.

I can tell you from experience -- after all, I use these resources on a daily basis -- they are easily worth ten times the asking price of this ebook. Easily.

But, we're not done yet. There is even more inside Razor Sharp Resources, including...

  • 7 of my own personal favorite newsletters related to internet marketing and doing business online. Out of the thousands of newsletters out there, I read very few ... I reserve my time for only the ones that educate and entertain me the most. These are at the top of my list. (Stay informed with resources #49-55)

  • Access informative new articles you can publish each week with this site's syndicated content service, and grab your copy of free tools, scripts and webpage helps that are available at absolutely no cost to you. Why pay for popup window scripts, date scripts, redirect scripts, etc., when you can get them for free? (Resource #8 will save you a small fortune)

  • 2 tremendously useful article directories with dozens of business and marketing listings to browse through. You'll find a lot of information that isn't normally found at online "marketing" sites, including: writing a business plan, starting a business, buying a business, customer service, human resources, law and taxation, leadership and running a one-person business. (See resources #17 and #18)

  • Instantly visit a "super resource site" that is overflowing with web marketing articles, forums, tools, webpage templates, news and much more ... all hand-picked to help you put more profits into your back pocket as you expand your online business. (Visit resource #9)

  • 10 outrageous "software and services" sites that I'm not going to tell you too much about. (Sorry, you'll just have to order the ebook below to find out :-) I'll just say this: I have personally saved hundreds of dollars from just one of these sites during the past week ... and was far more satisfied with my results. (Get tons of great free stuff with resources #39-48)

  • A couple of rock-solid portal sites that have dozens of hand-picked articles and resources categorically indexed. Note: These guys have scoured the web to find the "best of the best" when it comes to marketing-related information ... so you don't have to. Everything is just one click away. (viral marketing, email marketing, copywriting, etc.) (Save hours of your time with resource #10 and #11)

  • 5,000 pages of free marketing and business content! Yes, that's five thousand pages ... this unique site has more pages of marketing information than most 4-year college programs! Categorical entries make this a tremendous source of knowledge that you can easily browse to find useful information you can begin applying to your business immediately. (Check out unbelievable resource #15)

And let me clear the air on something, just in case you were wondering: every single one of these resources is completely free.

That's right, they are available online at zero cost.

Nothing. Nada. Zilcho.

Once you grab a copy of Razor Sharp Resources, you'll have clickable links that will take you straight to any of the resources you want to go to.

Each resource has a short review of what it offers, and all resources are categorized for your easy browsing.

It's like taking months of research and compiling it into one easy access ebook.

Let me make your online marketing life easier.

Download your copy of Razor Sharp Resources and receive MASTER REPRINT RIGHTS...

While the resources are free, the directory is not. What, do you think I'm crazy? I've spent months of my life finding and organizing these resources.

They are worth their weight in cyber-gold.

So, if you want my own private list, it's going to cost you ... but only a tiny bit. I could certainly give it away for FREE, but I think you'll agree that would be a bad "move" on my part if I did that.

Why would giving away this list of valuable free marketing resources be a "bad thing" for my business? Well, it's simple...

This private list of resources gives me a competitive advantage over others that DON'T have it. (Again, many people don't even know 10% of these resources that I have uncovered after months of hard work.)

While I could charge an outrageous price for this directory (it's easily worth $1,000+) I decided at first to make it available for only $97.00.

But even at that price, I realized it would still be a stretch for most people. Because I'm asking you to buy a directory of resources that you can't check out until after you buy the directory. (Even, though, I honestly feel the directory is worth a small fortune to you and your business.)

So, I came up with the absolute no-brainer price of only $19.97.

I mean, how much is your time worth? Isn't it worth infinitely more than ten cents an hour? Because that's about what your time would be worth if you had to spend it searching for these resources.

So grab a copy of Razor Sharp Resources and put your time to the best use you can. And don't forget, you'll receive a master reprint rights license to the product as well.

You can sell Razor Sharp Resources (you'll get a webpage just like this one to load to your site) and keep every penny you earn. That way you can not only make extra money, but you can also help others by providing them with this special directory.

Get started now.

Order your copy below, and...

...let me make your online marketing life easier.

Best regards,
Jimmy D. Brown

GUARANTEE: If Razor Sharp Resources is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

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