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From the Computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Saturday, 4:59 PM
RE: Making money online

Dear Entrepreneur:

I'm on the way to a neighboring city to buy a swimming pool as I write you this letter. Stay with me, this will be important in just a minute.

[Don't worry, my wife is driving. I'm in the passenger seat with my laptop. I haven't mastered handling the steering wheel and my keyboard at the same time.]

I'm on my way to buy this swimming pool. And I'll be paying cash. Extra cash. Extra cash that I made during the past few weeks by simply following a system that you are about to use yourself.

It's the Making Offers ... Making Money! system.

And if the idea of pulling in EXTRA profits (above and beyond what you are already making) by using a proven-effective system that generates more income every time it is used is appealing to you...

...then you're invited to my house for a pool party! :o)

Or, better still, use these 6 simple ideas to buy your own pool.

And you can invite me over.

How An Accidental Discovery
My Internet Income

I discovered the Making Offers ... Making Money! system about a year and a half ago OFFLINE. Strangely enough, it was being used at a local portrait studio to get unsuspecting new parents to buy hundreds of dollars in pictures of their babies.

Nothing illegal, mind you. Just strategically planned, carefully executed salesmanship. They didn't trick customers, they sold to customers. They didn't deceive folks into buying a lot of stuff, they convinced folks to buy a lot of stuff.

It was a sight to see it all unfold, and -- even though I saw a lot of it coming -- I spent my money like the rest of the folks in line because the system was that good.

I was amazed at how it worked and decided to test it on the Internet with my online business.

My PROFITS tripled in just a few short weeks!

Folks who were dropping by my site to grab a free ebook were suddenly spending $20-$30 with me. And folks who were spending $20-$30 with me begin spending $60-$90 at my site.

And it was all because of the Making Offers ... Making Money! system.

It worked for the portrait studio.

It worked for me. (and still does today!)

It worked for my students.

And now it can work for you.

If You Would Like To Earn More
From The Same Amount
of Website Traffic And The
Same Number
of Subscribers
As You Have Right Now...

...then this ecourse was created especially for you.

It's short, sweet and to the point. Inside Making Offers ... Making Money! you'll discover a profit pulling system that will allow you to bring in MORE money without increasing your website traffic, without generating more subscribers and without spending more money on advertising.

With the traffic you are generating right now, and the subscribers you have right now, you can maximize your profits by just strategically setting up your offers.

Inside this ecourse, you'll discover...

  • 6 simple strategies for creating irrestible web offers -- when, where and how to use them to skyrocket your profits.  HINT:  Successful selling on the web is MORE than just creating a sales letter.  That's only the beginning!  Learn all 6 tactics, or miss out on as much as 900% more profit!

  • A 6-step system for setting up your own fool-proof, "they're gonna buy something" system of offers.  You'll learn the secrets of the "gurus" for creating an entire spiderweb of internet offers that leaves the prospect with no other choice than to buy something from you!

  • The ABLE formula:  A set of 3 laws for generating leads with your freebies.  Get these right and you'll definitely be ABLE to generate prospects quicker than you can say "Grab my freebie." HINT: Everyone is offering something free these days to generate leads... but few people are seeing results because they aren't doing it right!

  • The 4 "P"s of every incredible offer - and how you can master them for maximum results.

  • How to setup a "backend" offer to double, triple or even quadruple your profits, including 3 super crafty things to load the deck in your favor.
  • 6 specific ways you can raise your backend profits without spending a single penny.  Included are ways to:  earn higher affiliate program commissions, increase your newsletter subscribers, recruit more resellers of your own product, generate new leads, and continue milking your offer "system".

  • A 6-step system for using follow-up marketing to keep your customers for life.  (And profit from them for life!)

  • 7 ways to create multiple streams of income on the web - how to keep the profits flowing no matter what the economy is like, during the slow holiday seasons, and even while you are on vacation!

Believe It Or Not, It Gets
Even Better
Because You Also
Have Four Bonus Ways to
From This eCourse...

Not only will you be able to read and use the incredible information packed in this 6-lesson eCourse (which you'll have instant access to below), you'll also be able to generate additional profits from the materials in four incredible streams...

Income Stream #1: Give away the ecourse. Everyone agrees that "building a list" is absolutely necessary to earn income online. The problem is, most folks don't have the content to give away in order to build the lists.

But, now you will! You can give away the Making Offers ... Making Money! ecourse. Simply load it to your favorite autoresponder and start giving it away. Since this is done from YOUR autoresponder system, YOU will be the one building the list. [Note: If you don't know how to make money from your list, then I recommend you take a look at Email Strategies Explained. Click Here for details.]

Heck, I'll even provide you with a "minisite" page that you can use to promote the free ecourse you are giving away.

Income Stream #2: Insert your affiliate links. There are several products and services mentioned inside the eCourse itself. You will be able to insert YOUR affiliate link for those products. If any of your subscribers who read the eCourse decide to buy one of the offers through your link inside, then you will earn a commission!

Customizing is very simple: you simply open the ecourse lesson with your favorite word processor (Notepad will do fine) and type your affiliate link into the appropriate spot. Save the file and you're done. Automated profits await!

Income Stream #3: Plug in your sponsor ads. You'll also have the opportunity to place an ad at the top of each of the six lessons to promote anything you want (as long as you don't promote any illegal or immoral offers including, but not limited to, pornographic, 'adult only', racially offensive and 'hate/violence', etc.)

Promote your site. Your newsletter. Your products. Your favorite affiliate program. A traffic generation service. Your advertising offers. Products you have purchased reprint rights to sell. Virtually anything that makes you money.

Every subscriber who reads any of the six lessons you are giving away will be exposed to your offer ... and there will be those who buy. More profits for you.

Income Stream #4: Sell the entire product. Of course, you can also sell the entire package. That includes the eCourse itself, the webpage template and salesletter (just like the one you are reading) and the "minisite" page for promoting the free ecourse giveaway. The suggested retail price is $19.97. Sell as many as you can and keep every penny you earn.

In fact, you have MASTER reprint rights. That means anyone who buys the package from you has the right to sell the package to others. This is an added bonus worth $97.00+ by itself.

So, you can see, not only do you have the content of the ecourse itself to learn from and apply to your own business, you also have other ways to generate income by giving the ecourse away and selling the package.

With that many options, this one is a no-brainer.

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Wishing you much success, 
Jimmy D. Brown

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