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From the Computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Friday, 2:21 P.M.
Re:  Free Publicity, Promotion, Prospects and Profits

Dear Friend,

Let me jump ahead of myself and get to the end result.  

If you want to learn the best 100% free internet marketing strategy of them all that anyone can begin using today, then read on. Because you are about to learn how to generate...

v 100% Free Publicity.  

Tired of seeing the "gurus" names in the headlines all the time? Think you can't compete? Think again! With Ezine Profit Producer, you'll discover how to get 100% free publicity that labels YOU as the expert in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers time and time again -- week after week!

v 100% Free Promotion

Tired of trying all of the fads, schemes and scams online trying to promote your products, reprint rights or your favorite affiliate program? You are about to discover a very simple, but insanely powerful way to promote any offer you want and begin seeing results within 24-72 hours!

v 100% Free Prospects.  

Tired of waiting around for leads to join your newsletter or subscribe to one of your other lists? Don't just a few minutes you'll learn how to pull in dozens of new subscribers every single day without spending a penny!

v 100% Free Profits.  

Tired of hearing about all the profits online, but never actually seeing them? With this fool-proof system, you'll be able to generate a constant flow of traffic, sales and profits day after day at absolutely zero cost to you!

How can this be possible?

By writing ezine (email newsletter) articles and then allowing other editors to publish them in their own newsletters!

It's a completely free, amazingly productive way of generating free publicity, free promotion, free prospects and free profits.

So, you're thinking right about now...
"Who me?  A writer?  You must be joking!"

Quick heads up.  My name ain't Jerry Seinfeld.

I ain't funny.  I don't even tell jokes at all unless they are one-liners  because I can't remember anything longer than that.

OK, so I'm a little funny.  :o)

But, I'm not joking now.

With absolutely no experience required, you can write your own 100% original, highly profitable, highly sought after newsletter articles beginning in five minutes from now.

Really. I'm not joking. Look at my face.  No smile. Serious.

In Ezine Profit Producer, you'll learn *exactly* how to do it beginning from the very first word! You'll discover things like...

  • 3 super-simple ways to find out precisely what everyone wants to read about before you write your first word! Learn how to get folks to anticipate your articles -- the selling part is easy after that!

  • 3 power-packed kinds of articles that anyone can write, regardless of their writing experience or ability, beginning today! Seriously, anyone who can follow simple instructions can get these done right.

  • 5 great ideas for your next article...learn the secrets of an ezine article writer who has authored dozens of articles and has been published in some of the most high profile newsletters on the planet! Hint: After reading this, you'll be able to do the same thing!

  • Real-life examples of articles and how they were get more than WHAT to do, you get HOW to do it, including 6 sample articles.

  • My own "secret weapon" that allows me to crank out ezine articles in less than 10 minutes that you begin using today without spending a penny. Note: By using this tactic, writing articles is a snap.

  • How to choose a magnetic title for your article that logs the eyeballs of readers, practically forcing them to read your material. This is the first step in a successful article -- folks must read it in order for you to benefit. You'll discover how to get them every time.

  • 4 title generation strategies that you can use to create the perfect title for your article, including examples of each of them -- as well as 3 checklist questions that you must answer before deciding upon a final title that could mean the difference between sales and stinks!

  • How to use your opening sentence to reel the reader in like you were out fishing at your favorite hole. You'll learn how to master the power of curiosity and pull the reader almost hypnotically into the meat of your article.

  • 8 opening sentence templates that you can plug in to any of your articles to grab the attention of the reader to make them think "I've got to read more!"

  • How to use problems and solutions to build credibility and trust -- and how to weave those things into sales and profits within your article. You may not wave a wand, but it sure works like magic!

And that's just the beginning. Even though Ezine Profit Producer is only about 40 pages in length, it's packed with information, including...

  • 2 absolutely critical keys to writing your article if you want to produce new sales and subscribers. If you don't do these two things, then you can kiss your profits goodbye.

  • How to generate profit from free resources, and how to weave them carefully and strategically into your ezine article to get the reader to respond.

  • How to use ezine articles to promote any product, service or affiliate program you choose in 5 easy steps!

  • THE best way to use free ezine articles to promote any offer you want...this is a strategy that I haven't seen taught anywhere else online!

  • The five "p"s you must follow in finishing up your article. These pillars cannot be neglected -- they are that important to the quality of your article and the success of your offer.

  • 2 ways to wrap up your article to get your reader to react and get involved in your article beyond just reading it. You want more than a reader, you want a responder!

  • How to carefully craft a resource box that you can take all the way to the bank, including THE best way to use your resource box to produce a profit.

  • How I use my resource box to generate 100 new subscribers every day for free, and you can too! Learn this strategy and I promise you will see a surge in new leads.

  • 3 ways to get your article published in other newsletters, including 11 free services that will announce your new articles to thousands of subscribers for free, and 23 websites that will post your articles in front of their traffic for free!

  • 6 ways to build your own database of ezine publishers who regularly publish your articles in their newsletters -- and 5 of them are completely free! Bonus: A sample contact letter you can modify to approach potential publishers with your first article.

Ezine Profit Producer makes it easy for ANYONE to write and publish their own newsletter articles quickly and professionally...

...and profitably!

But, that's not all...

Every order of Ezine Profit Producer receives 7 bonus interviews with world famous article writers...

As a special bonus, you'll access exclusive interviews with a specially selected group of ezine article experts who've written over a combined total of 300 ezine articles!

-- Michael Southon
-- Terri Seymour
-- Larry Dotson
-- Shelley Lowery
-- Bob Leduc
-- Rozey Gean
-- Jason Potash

Each panelist shares their expert insight into...

  • How do you generate new ideas to write about in your ezine articles?

  • How did you build your database of publishers to contact with your new articles?

  • What are the basics of writing an article -- what should I include and why?  Give me a quick outline of "how to" write an article.

  • What do you consider to be a successful article for both yourself as the writer, the publisher of the newsletter and the readers?

  • What kinds of articles receive the most response from (a) Publishers (b) Readers?

  • How can I use articles to generate traffic, sales and subscribers?  I know you're supposed to write them and allow other folks to publish them -- but,  how does that benefit me?

  • How can I best use my resource box?  Should I promote an offer or a freebie?  My website or an affiliate link?  Should I mention an autoresponder?  What should I do?

  • Is publishing the article all I should do?  How can I further use my content in other ways beyond publishing it in newsletters?

  • What are some tips for successfully getting published?

  • What is the ONE thing that is most important about writing an ezine article.  Share some golden nugget tip that you've found to be invaluable in your own experience.

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Jimmy D. Brown and Mike Merz

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