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Tuesday, 10:08 AM
Jimmy D. Brown
Re: Giving away free ebooks to earn profits online

Dear Friend,

One of the most important discoveries that I have made in the three years I have been marketing on the Internet is that of giving away free eBooks as traffic generators.

In fact, giving away free eBooks started my phenomenal success and rise to the top of the Internet marketing ranks, taking me from a relative unknown making a few bucks online to one of the most recognized marketers in the world bringing in a huge six-figure income.

That's a big transformation.

And it was made possible by giving away free eBooks to get folks interested in my products.

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to be earned by giving away free eBooks, then
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month with free eBooks.

So, these free eBooks have been an invaluable part of my success online. I continue using them today and anticipate using them for years to come... simply because they work.

Now, here's the thing, many marketers saw my success at using these "viral" eBooks and they began using the same techniques that I use, which made the marketplace rather competitive.

It seems like almost everyone in the internet marketing field is giving away a free eBook in hopes of duplicating the success that folks like myself have managed to accomplish.

And, in doing so, the allure and attraction of free eBooks has lost some of its charm. Once almost a novelty -- and certainly a valuable commodity -- free eBooks are a "dime a dozen" these days.

To be quite frank, most people are having a difficult time giving their eBooks away, simply because the perceived value of free eBooks isn't what it once was.

It's becoming harder and harder to get folks to CLICK on the download link and grab a copy of a free eBook.

But, don't be discouraged.

There's good news.

You can gain a competitive edge...

Introducing eBook Boost 2.0...

The ONE TOOL that will allow you to get up to 3200% more requests for YOUR free eBook automatically!

Easy setup takes less than 30 seconds and automatically pulls in more downloads for any free eBook...GUARANTEED!

If you can type, copy and paste -- and have 30
seconds free today, then you can increase
your eBook downloads immediately...

*Literally*, that's all it takes. With eBook Boost 2.0 all you need to do is type a few details into the powerful tool, copy your custom code by clicking on a button and paste it into your webpage and *voila* you've got a system in place to automatically increase the number of downloads you receive with your free eBook.

If you are giving away any kind of free eBook, then eBook Boost 2.0 is a MUST have tool. Just installing it is all but guaranteed to get you more downloads. You'll see instant results as your normal website visitors begin requesting your eBook!

It doesn't matter whether it is an eBook that you created yourself or an affiliate eBook that you have customized with your referral links. It can be any of these things...

  • Affiliate eBook that is coded with your reseller links.

  • Lead generating eBook that you've created to sell more of your product.

  • Demo / Trial version of your full eBook to give the reader a "taste" of the full product.

  • Any eBook that you are giving away for free and want more people to download.

It doesn't really matter what it is. As long as you are giving it away for free and you want more copies of it to be downloaded every day, then I can help you.

And you've already seen it in action.

When you arrived at this page, a small screen appeared that resembled this one...

eBook Boost 2.0 Screen Capture

That was eBook Boost 2.0 in action. It automatically popped up an ALERT window that prompted you to download my free eBook, "How to Earn a Guranteed Full-Time Living Online in 3 Easy Steps."

And two options awaited you.

1. You could click OK and immediately begin downloading the eBook.
2. You could click CANCEL and ignore the eBook.

Either way, the window disappears and you arrive at the page you were trying to access.

Here's a staggering number for much as 33% of all visitors end up downloading the free eBook. That's 1 in every 3 visitors to my website getting a copy of the free eBook -- which is DESIGNED to get more sales for me.

It works like a charm.

In fact, over the traditional method of getting people to download an eBook from my website (Placing a download link with a small note somewhere on the webpage) eBook Boost 2.0 has increased downloads up to 3200% in testing various eBooks!

Now, YOU can use the *exact* same system in less than 30 seconds of work.

Sounds great, but how does it work?
How can I put eBook Boost 2.0 into action?

Putting eBook Boost 2.0 into action at your website is a VERY simple process...

Step 01: Order the eBook Boost 2.0 tool.
Pretty straightforward. You need to grab a copy of the eBook Boost 2.0 tool by purchasing it below. You'll instantly download it upon completion of your order. No waiting around. You can begin using it immediately.

Step 02: Customize the eBook Boost 2.0 tool.
After you download the tool, you'll need to customize it for your specific eBook information. A complete, step-by-step tutorial is provided to show you exactly how to use it. Should take you about 15 seconds. If you are a "hunt and peck" typist, it might take you a full minute. :o)

Step 03: Insert the eBook Boost 2.0 custom generated code.
Next, you'll copy the customized code that was created with eBook Boost 2.0 for your eBook download (simply by clicking a button) and then paste the code (by clicking more buttons) into your webpage HTML code. Maybe another 5 seconds of work here. You'll simply plug in the code into your <head> tags in your HTML code.

Step 04: Upload your eBook Boost 2.0 coded webpages.
To finish up, you'll simply upload the webpage that you coded with the eBook Boost 2.0 code to your website and you're done.

Simple, huh?

And, as an owner of eBook Boost 2.0, you'll enjoy these benefits...

UNLIMITED use of the eBook Boost 2.0 tool. You can install it on as many different webpages and as many different websites as you own. NOTE: No sharing with others -- it's yours for personal use only.

UNLIMITED number of eBooks offered. You can use the script for as many different eBooks as you want. You are not forced to highlight the same eBook each time you use the script. You can promote eBook A on your main webpage, eBook B on your second page, eBook C on your third page, etc. Use the script with as many different eBook offers as you want.

COMPLETELY customizable screen text. You can insert any text you choose on the popup ALERT screen. List the title. Offer an extra incentive. Share the benefits of your eBook. It's up to you. You have a large amount of space to insert whatever text you choose.

ABILITY to work inside eBooks. Yep, you aren't limited to using this script at your website, you can also insert the script into eBOOK pages (we haven't tested compatibility with all eBook compilers, but the script works great inside eBook Creator compiled eBooks)

COMPATIBILITY with just about all websites. eBook Boost 2.0 works on just about every website, and is both MAC and PC compatible. You need to access your HTML webpage files to insert the code and that's it.

Do you see how powerful this script is? And it *really* only takes about 30 seconds to set it up. You don't need to be a programmer. There isn't anything to install at your website. You don't need to know a thing about CGI or PHP or any of those other abbreviations that you don't even know what they mean.

All you need to do is type, copy and paste. It's that simple.

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It takes 30 seconds to install -- a simple COPY and PASTE. No fancy programming to learn. No technical garb to figure out.

This tool sells for $19.97 by itself, but it's yours FREE with your order of eBook Boost 2.0.

You can use Optin Boost 2.0 for...

  • Building your ezine (email newsletter) mailing list
  • Building an announcement list of any kind.
  • Giving away free reports and / or mini-courses.
  • Using any kind of email autoresponder.
  • Building a contact list for a product prelaunch.
  • Capturing email addresses for free memberships, special offers, joint ventures, autoresponder messages, frequently asked questions, just about anything you can possibly have a list for!

And this tool is FREE with your purchase of eBook Boost 2.0!

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Wishing you much success online,
Jimmy D. Brown

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