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You'll want to print out this page and STUDY it. More than a "salesletter", this page will EDUCATE you on HOW to generate free advertising on the Internet. There is a rather long ARTICLE below (not ad copy, but a REAL article that explains how to get free advertising) so print it out...

Date: Wednesday, 10:49 A.M.
From The Desk Of: Jimmy D. Brown
Re: Easily Producing your Ezine Articles...

Dear Marketer,

Everyone wants FREE advertising. I do. You do. Everyone does.

There are no exceptions.

It doesn't matter who you are or what business you are in, if you could have more completely free advertising, you'd jump at it.

Well, there IS a completely free advertising source on the web that anyone can use in order to Generate Free Publicity, Free Promotion, Free Prospects And Free Profits Anytime 24/7!

And you're about to get a free crash-course in using it. Read on to find out...

"How to Use Ezine Articles to Promote ANY Product, Service Or Affiliate Program You Choose in 5 Easy Steps"
by Jimmy D. Brown

For years, smart marketers have been using "ezine articles" to rake in enormous traffic to any site of their choosing.

In a nutshell, it works like this...

  • You write an article using the process I'm going to explain below. There are only five easy steps to the process. I'll explain them below. The idea is to write an article that relates to any product, service, list or site you want to promote. You provide the reader with useful information ... usually 500-700 words. That's not much to put together, even if you think "I'm not a writer." I'll show you how below.

  • You create a "resource box" that points towards your site or list. A "resource box" is a simple 4-6 line "blurb" about YOU as the author. You can use it to mention briefly about what you do and you can point the reader of the article to any website or email address of your choosing. This is where folks can contact you for more information, take a look at the products you sell or join a list that you offer. Where you direct them to is completely up to you.

  • You send that article out to newsletter publishers for consideration. Whether you use a software program that does it for you, or contact a targeted list of publishers that accept article submissions, or submit your article to one or more of the 70+ article directories (free of charge), you get YOUR article into the hands of those that control the lists related to the topic of your article.

  • You generate traffic, subscribers and sales as they publish your article to their lists. When the interested publishers decide to print your article in their newsletter, you're in business. This, *literally* happens every day. It's a standard thing that many publishers do ... they don't have time to write articles all the time, so they find quality offerings from others and send it out to their subscribers. Some newsletter lists have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And YOUR article would be the "center of attention" for the particular issue it was published in. Traffic will follow.

"Sounds great," you might be thinking. "But HOW do I write an ezine article?"

Good question. And, as promised, here's your "crash-course" in doing just that...

"How To Use Ezine Articles To Promote Any Product, Service, or Affiliate Program You Choose in 5 Easy Steps" by Jimmy D. Brown

I bet you can't tell me the best way to use ezine articles to promote your offer.

Go ahead. Give it your best shot. Out loud. Say it. Whatever comes to mind, just blurt it out.

I'm listening.

You see, most folks don't really understand how to BEST use ezine articles to promote a product or service, or their favorite affiliate program.

They know they are supposed to write an article, include some kind of clever offer in the text or in their resource box, and convince editors to publish their article.

But, there is a *very* clever way to use your article to promote like you've never seen before.

And I'm going to share it with you right now.

There are only five steps. And they are all super simple...

Step 01: Choose the product or service you want to promote.
This one is kind of a no-brainer. It all begins with deciding what you want to promote. Is it your own product or service? How about your favorite affiliate program?

We're not talking about your newsletter -- we're talking about an actual offer you want to present that you'll earn profits from when readers of your article make a purchase.

Decide what it is that you want to promote through your free ezine article. And then move on.

Step 02: Determine your "useful, but incomplete" approach.
I love to use what I have coined as the "useful, but incomplete" approach when using freebies of any kind. (Ezine articles, free eBooks, reports, eCourses, etc.)

What I mean by that is simply this: You provide your reader with "useful" information (something they find of value and are able to actually apply) but make certain that it is "incomplete" in that they can better use the information by making a purchase.

That's "useful, but incomplete." And it works like a charm.

The idea is to use your content to build up to your desired response. You provide the reader with content, and then you make an offer that allows them to fully utilize the content, gain extra insight from the content or maximize the content in some additional way.

Let me give you an example:

I wanted to promote in a free ezine article. This is a service that offers unlimited autoresponders, tracking and all kinds of other stuff for one low price.

So, how could I use an ezine article to promote the service?

By writing an article that explains how to benefit from using autoresponders or mailing lists. My article explains different uses of autoresponders and how the reader can profit from implementing the ideas.

And, naturally, they will need an autoresponder service in order to put the ideas into practice, right?

And I just happen to know of a great service they can use. :o)

OK, so that's an example of how to promote a SERVICE offer with your ezine article. What about a software product or an eBook?

Want some examples?

Good, because I've got two...

TO PROMOTE A SOFTWARE PRODUCT Let's suppose you want to promote Armand Morin's eCover Generator. How can you do it?

-- Write an article outlining how important presentation of your offer is, and how creating a cover graphic can increase response rates by up to 1300%.

-- Write a step-by-step tutorial article for "do-it-yourselfers", explaining how to design your own graphics from scratch. And then promote the software as a
super-simplified way of doing it.

TO PROMOTE AN EBOOK Want to promote Paul Myers' Amazing List Machine?

-- Write an article that covers the "basics" of building lists, and then promote Paul's eBook as the "advanced" tactics.

-- Write an article on how to profit from a list, and then promote Paul's eBook as the "how to build the list."

See how easy this is?

That's how it works. Determine what your "useful, but incomplete" approach will be, and then...

Step 03: Turn your approach into a tips list or tutorial.
Let's use my example again. I decided that I would describe various uses of autoresponders and how the reader can actually profit from them. What kind of tips list or tutorial could I create?

"How to Generate More Subscribers, Sales and Profits With Automated Follow-Up Messages"

"7 Powerful And Profitable Ways To Use Autoresponders To Skyrocket Your Sales and Subscribers!

"Want to Increase Your Online Profits And Leads? Here are 7 Ways to Do It..."

I actually went with the middle title. I wrote my list of the 7 ideas that I wanted to share. And I had the makings of a perfect article to promote an offer.

That's all you need to do. Determine your end result. Decide how to get there with your "useful, but incomplete" approach. And then develop a list, or even a step-by-step tutorial for your article that leads the reader along.

With each new "idea" or "way" or "tip" or "step" or "strategy" that you share, you can further direct the reader towards realizing their need of your upcoming offer, and lay the foundation for them to accept the offer.

Step 04: Expand on each point to build your content.
Here's more of the easy part. Just "fill-in-the-blanks" to complete your article. Write 1-2 short paragraphs for each of your points. Make them good. Provide quality content. The offer you will soon make will see poor results if your information isn't useful.

Remember, you are trying to presell the reader on the idea that they are going to need your offer. If you don't provide them with quality information that they WANT to begin using immediately, then why will they want to buy what you are promoting?

Light a fire in them. Motivate them. Challenge them. Give them such nuggets of gold that they want to keep mining until they hit the mother lode!

Step 05: Put on the finishing touches with the "five pillars."
There are five things that you should always do to finish up your ezine article. Don't skip any of them. They are all critical...

1. Polish. Re-read your article. Does it provide information that really is "useful" to the reader? And yet leaves them wanting even more? That's what you want. Polish it. Put on the wax and make it shine. It has a very specific purpose -- make certain it has the means to achieve it.

2. Promote. Use your resource box to promote your offer. This is why we've written the article, right? Remember step one? It's time to put it into play. Give the reader what they (hopefully) are wanting...a way to maximize the information you gave them.

3. Proof. Don't do this yourself. Have a trusted friend, relative or co-worker check your article for grammatical and typographical errors. The last thing you want to do is present a poor image after sharing some high quality information.

4. Publish. Zip your new article out to your favorite list of publishers. Submit it to the announcement lists and the ezine directories. Don't forget to publish it yourself in your own newsletter!

5. Profit. If you've covered all the bases that I've mentioned, then profits are almost certain to start coming in when your ezine article is published. You deserve it. Be proud of your accomplishments.

And then start it all over again!

What is really impressive about this strategy (explained in thorough detail in the Ezine Profit Producer course available by Clicking Here) is this: you can write an article in half an hour, send it out to publishers and *literally* have your article in front of tens of thousands of subscribers in as little as a few hours.

Not much work involved. Lots of profit potential.

Now, you may be thinking "But, what if I can't write? Or, what if I don't know how to organize my thoughts?"
I'm glad you asked. :-)

Ezine Article Creator V2.0

Instantly Creates Attention Grabbing And Profit Producing Ezine Articles In Minutes And With Little To No Effort..

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I've just released a brand new software program that *literally* walks you through the entire process of creating ezine articles.

In fact, if you can answer questions, you can create your own articles to distribute.

Look, I recognize that not everyone can just write an ezine article from scratch. Heck, when I first started, I couldn't either.

That's not your fault. And it shouldn't be a disadvantage to you.

That's why I developed Ezine Article Creator help folks like yourself take advantage of the enormous free advertising source found in writing and distributing ezine articles.

I used all the rules, tricks, tactics and strategies that the top ezine article writers in the world use and I programmed them into this new software that will have you writing your own articles in record time...

...even if you think you're not a writer!

How does Ezine Article Creator 2.0 work?

"This sounds great!" you're probably thinking. "But, how does it work?"

With Ezine Article Creator 2.0's template interface, all you do is answer a series of questions, click a button and you're done!

It is really very simple...

Step 01: Launch the Software
After you download the tool, simply double-click the Ezine Article Creator icon and the software will automatically launch for you to begin using.

Step 02: Follow the Simple Instructions
Once you open the software, you'll find very easy-to-understand instructions. You will be guided throughout the entire article creation process from entitling your article to putting on the finishing touches.

Step 03: Fill-In The Blanks
Each step of the way has questions and examples to help you create the perfect ezine article. Simply insert your answers to the questions into the provided blanks and move on through the Q&A process. With the supplied samples, creating your own original article is a breeze.

Step 04: Click the "Create Article" Button
Upon completing the process, simply click on the CREATE ARTICLE button. Your article will appear in a special output box, already formatted to 60 characters in width -- ready for you to copy and save in your favorite word processor.

Really, that's it!

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Using
Ezine Article Creator 2.0 Today!

  • Write ezine articles in a fraction of the normal time. Instead of slaving over an ezine article for hours trying to get "direction" on how to proceed, simply follow-along the series of questions inside Ezine Article Creator 2.0's powerful interface.

  • Increase publicity, promotion, prospects and profits. When other publishers begin reproducing your articles in their newsletters, you'll automatically increase your publicity, promotion, prospects and profits... without spending a penny! Ezine article distribution is the ultimate "free advertising" tool.

  • Easy to follow "fill-in-the-blanks" template. If you can answer questions, then you can write your own original ezine articles to use as marketing tools. There isn't anything complicated at all when you use Ezine Article Creator 2.0. Answer the first question (example answers provided!), then move on to the next question. In a matter of minutes you can have your own articles ready to publish ... even if you have no writing experience at all!

  • Instant formats your articles to the default character length. With the built-in autoformatter, your articles will automatically be created with the default character length making the acceptable (and readable!) for virtually every publishing standard.

  • Export to your favorite word processor. You can easily COPY and PASTE your completed article and save it with your favorite word processor. This gives you easy access to your entire database of articles in any viewable format you choose.

  • Easily make any changes you want. Of course, you'll be able to make any changes you desire to the completed article. Anytime you want to update your article (email addresses, links and even techniques change frequently on the web) you'll be able to open the file you saved to your favorite word processor and edit as needed.

  • Create an unlimited number of ezine articles. Unlike some other tools, you are never required to pay additional fees as you create additional articles. With Ezine Article Creator 2.0 you may create as many articles as you want for the rest of your life ... for one low price.

  • Save more than 60% off the regular price when you order today. And speaking of "low price", when you order this package today, you'll receive over 60% off the regular suggested retail price. This discount is subject to change and I reserve the right to remove it at any time.

  • FREE master reprint rights license with all orders. Every order receives a completely free MASTER reprint rights license to the entire package. You may sell this software and keep every penny of the profits, and you may authorize anyone who purchases it from you to do the same. This is a $97.00 value that is yours free with your order today.

  • 100% complete satisfaction money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to risk with Ezine Article Creator 2.0. If you are unhappy with this package for any reason (you don't even have to tell me what it is!), I'll promptly refund your entire purchase price with no questions asked.

Here is what you will receive when you
order Ezine Article Creator 2.0 TODAY!

  • Ezine Article Creator 2.o software program. You will receive the latest version of the tool itself in a self-contained executable file (.EXE). Sorry, it is NOT Macintosh compatible. You must be operating Windows 95 or newer and have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed in order to use the tool. ($49.97 value)

  • Downloadable instruction manual. An instruction manual is also available, complete with screenshots and detailed instructions to help you make the most of this incredible tool. NOTE: This instruction manual really isn't necessary (the tool is so easy, you won't need instructions) but we included it "just in case". ($17.00 value)

  • Royalty-free master reprint rights license. Inside the instruction manual will be your master reprint rights license, authorizing you to sell this entire package and keep every penny you earn. No additional fees or royalties are due from you. Keep all of the profits from your sales. ($97.00 value)

  • Webpage template and ready-made salesletter. You will receive a webpage template and ready-made salesletter that look just like this one. Simply edit the order links, upload it to your own web site (along with the software program) and you're ready to begin taking orders.($197.00 value)

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That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

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If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

Wishing you nothing but success,
Jimmy D. Brown

P.S. Inside the instruction manual that comes with Ezine Article Creator 2.0 is a list of 70 "article banks" where you can submit your new articles so publishers can consider their for their upcoming issues. Don't miss it!

(c) 2003 Jimmy D. Brown.  All Rights Reserved.