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Re : Building higher commissions and bigger affiliate checks...

Dear Internet & Affiliate Marketers,

Jimmy D. Brown here. I've teamed up with one of the web's sharpest programmers to bring you an amazing new affiliate marketing tool.

Raymond McNally is one sharp dude. He figured out some very powerful ways to use a simple tool to bring in more affiliate commission checks.

I'm going to let him explain it.

Tay it away, Ray...


Thanks, Jimmy.

I was totally dumbfounded when I got one of my affiliate checks... I knew I had more coming to me but the check was about $200.00 LESS than I KNEW I had made.

I was literally robbed of my affiliate sales and someone else got the commissions.  This wasn't the first time it happened to me either.  

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are 
stolen every year in affiliate commissions.

Here is the problem...

People can simply replace your affiliate ID in the URL, or view the source code of the page your link is on to find out what your ID is, then replace it.  

Another way people steal commissions is by removing everything after the .com in the URL you give them totally knocking out your affiliate ID AND...your commission as well.

And these are just a few ways people are stealing your commissions or just flat out cutting you off.

Until just recently... I was losing THOUSANDS in affiliate sales...
and this had been going on for a long time!

I found a solution... and I am going to Blow The Whistle!

You too are losing THOUSANDS in stolen profits, people are stealing commissions and affiliate sales everyday.  It's not hard to do anymore.  

Whether You Know it or not, YOU ARE LOSING BIG-TIME CASH!

I hate being RIPPED OFF... don't you?

As a matter of fact, some people actually go completely out of their way to try (and most of the time succeed) and take a commission or referred sale from you or me.

Some people do it so THEY get the commission.  Others do it just because they don't want to be the one YOU are making money from.

Whatever the's done and it's done every day, more and more!

Most people don't consider this as theft... but it is 100%!

YOU are working hard to promote an affiliate program and even spending your hard earned money on marketing and promotion for an affiliate program and SHOULD be getting the commissions and credited for the affiliate sales you get.

You do want to keep your commissions, don't you?

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With most websites, it's the actual affiliates that are doing most of the work to generate the highly targeted traffic that converts into sales, profits and money in the product owners pocket.

I have had tons of people over the years ask me how I stop people from stealing my affiliate sales and commissions, and for a while there, I really had nothing to tell other then "I use a meta-tag refresh page", but now that method does not even make a difference.

Here is the solution to all your affiliate problems...

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Affiliate Commission Booster

Safely And Securely Hides Your Affiliate URL In An Unbreakable Format For ANY Affiliate Link.

 Now Even ClickBank Links.

With the new 'Affiliate Commission Booster', there is no need to worry about people stealing commission and affiliate sales anymore. can start promoting more ClickBank products from the same merchant, adding even more to your bi-weekly ClickBank commission checks

The fact that people are out there purposely stealing commissions from people just like you and me is mind numbing.  But it's happening everyday.

Affiliate program marketers not protecting themselves from these malicious individuals are putting their total profits at risk.

But, not anymore.

When you start to use your new 'Affiliate Commission Booster' software, you will actually be HIDING your affiliate links in an uncrackable format that will also make it look as though the page your clickthru visitor is seeing is hosted on YOUR website.  This is one of the key factors in securing your commissions.

The 'Affiliate Commission Booster' does a few other pretty amazing things as well...

Cloaks, Conceals and Hides Your REAL Affiliate Links - Your affiliate links will be completely cloaked and concealed from prying eyes.  The referral site will look as though it is hosted on YOUR website and if anyone ever gets to your source code they will only see a bunch of numbers, NOT html code.

  • Looks Like The Affiliate Site Is On YOUR Site - The pages created will be uploaded to your website.  People will see YOUR web address in their browser's address bar making it seem as though YOU are selling the product or service, without handling customers support or product delivery. They won't ever even see your affiliate ID!

  • Places Anything You Want In The Title Bar - Since the page created by the software will be hosted on YOUR website, you can place anything you would like in the title bar.  This is what people see at the very top of their browser window and helps to add a little more power to your marketing.


  • Cloaks The Site Link Text In The Status Bar - You can also place text in the status bar of the visitor's browser as well.  This will block any attempt to mouse over a link to get the site's direct web address securing your chances of making the commission for the sale made.

  • Securely Promote ANY ClickBank Merchant Product - The 'Affiliate Commission Booster' provides you with a way to promote ANY product from ANY ClickBank merchant without the visitor having to click link after link in order to reach the product page you are currently marketing.  One link, any merchant still get the commission!

  • Creates Bigger Affiliate Commission Checks - Once you start using the software, you will see that your total commissions start to get bigger and bigger.  The software blocks any attempt to steal YOUR commission or affiliate sales thus increasing your total commission checks and payouts.

  • Instant Order Page Redirection - Sometimes when promoting products, it's best to send people directly to the product's order page.  Well, with the 'Affiliate Commission Booster' technology, you can now do just that and know that you are still getting the commission and credit for the referred sale.

  • Adds Security To Your Affiliate Promotions - No need to worry about people bypassing your referral link or stealing your link page source code.  The software instantly creates a totally encrypted page that not even the best hacker in the world could crack.

    It's clear that the 'Affiliate Commission Booster
    the ULTIMATE affiliate marketer's tool.

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    Everything you need as an affiliate in ANY affiliate program is now sitting right at your finger tips.  All you have to do is open the software, fill in the blanks and upload the pages to your server and you are done. 

    It really can't get much easier than that...

    But, just in case you have any doubts, here are 4 VERY important questions that will tell you whether you really need the 'Affiliate Commission Booster'.

    1. Do you promote ANY affiliate programs? YES No
    2. Do you expect BIG checks but get small checks? YES No
    3. Ever KNOW you got a sale but NEVER got cash for it? YES No
    4. Do you promote ANY ClickBank-Based Products? YES No

    If you answered YES to even one of the questions above, you NEED to have a copy of the 'Affiliate Commission Booster'.

    The facts are in!

    You need to start protecting your affiliate links in order to generate more affiliate commissions.  It's sad, but true.  People literally go out of their way to make sure they find a way around YOUR affiliate url.

    You need to make sure you are cloaking your affiliate link to protect and secure your affiliate sales and commissions.  When you start to do this, you will also start to see bigger commission checks and less lost sales.

    An Instant Answer To The
    Big ClickBank Problem...

    ClickBank is one of the internet's biggest affiliate program management systems.  The only problem with that is if a merchant has more than one product under the same's almost impossible to promote any of the OTHER products from that merchant.

    There are scripts and little tools out there for the merchant to put into place so this can be done, BUT if the merchant doesn't use these tools you need to have your visitor click a ton of links just to get to the product you are promoting.


    The 'Affiliate Commission Booster' has a really easy feature that will allow you to promote ANY product from ANY merchant using ClickBank.

    The visitor clicks a link, your user affiliate ID is embedded in the visitor's browser and they are instantly redirected to the salesletter for the product you are promoting...if the visitor makes a purchase, you get the commission.

    No more making the visitor click a bunch of links first.

    You pick the product you want to promote, enter your info and the product's salesletter URL and the software does the rest for you...

    Simply Fill In The Blanks, And 
    It Even Uploads The Created Pages For You...

    Click Here To Download Now!

    Just a few simple fields to fill in, enter your FTP info and the software does the rest.

    It's really that simple.  As a matter of fact... in as little as 2 minutes you can have a totally secure, encrypted and completely protected page created and uploaded to your server.

    - Software Screen Shot -

    With the 'Affiliate Commission Booster', you will be able to easily and instantly put a stop to all of those commission thieves, promote any ClickBank product from any merchant and double, if not triple, your affiliate commission checks.

    You NEED the 'Affiliate Commission Booster' if you want to start building bigger and bigger commission checks on a regular basis.

    My Ironclad, "Love It Or Shove It"
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

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    You have absolutely nothing to lose with this 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I want to be completely sure you are getting 20 times your money's worth.

    100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not 100% satisfied and totally delighted with the 'Affiliate Commission Booster', simply email me and I will refund every penny of the purchase price and you can even keep the Free bonus gifts listed questions asked!

    A Few Answers To Your Questions!

    Sitting here writing this, I realize you most likely have a few questions about the software and what exactly it will do for you...right?

    So, I've answered a few of the questions for you below.

    Q : Will The 'Affiliate Commission Booster' Make My Commission Checks Bigger?
    A : Yes, use it.  The software will stop people from stealing your commissions and affiliate sales.  By doing this you should start to see a nice little jump in your commission checks.
    Q : Does The Software Make Using ClickBank Affiliate Promotions Any Easier?
    A : YES...with the software you will be able to promote any product from any ClickBank merchant and have the visitors sent directly to that product's salesletter. 

    EXAMPLE : One of Jimmy D. Brown's main merchant ID's is "tactics".  He has a TON of VERY HIGH QUALITY products under this same merchant ID BUT...if you promote the ClickBank link for that ID alone, you will be brought to a main portal page with all of his products listed (see for yourself : )

    BUT...with the 'Affiliate Commission Booster' you can promote ANY one of these HIGH QUALITY products and have the visitor sent right to the product's salesletter  instead of the portal page (example using the software : ).

    Q : Can I Create Instant Order Pages  And Still Get The Commission?
    A : YES!  And very easily too.  Just enter your affiliate URL, then the product's order link and the software does the rest.

    People clicking on the link will be re-directed right to the product's order page and you WILL get the commission for the sale!

    Q : Does The Software FTP The Created Pages To My Server For Me?
    A : Again...YES!  Just enter your FTP info on the "Upload" tab and click a button. 

    It's that easy and the software will instantly upload the created file to your server for you.

    As you can see, the 'Affiliate Commission Booster' DOES 90% of the work for you saving you tons of time and adding the needed security to make sure your affiliate checks are much bigger.

    I've made sure that you only need to enter in a few fields and click a few buttons and that is it.  Nothing else.

    I Could Easily Charge $97.00 Or MORE For
    This Must Have Software...

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    Charging $97.00 would be more then justified.  But, I would rather make sure people just like you can get this much needed tool at a cheaper price. 

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    It's not hard to see that you are getting more than your money's worth.

    Don't waste any more time or money on marketing and promotion until you get your copy of the 'Affiliate Commission Booster'.  It'll be the best decision you have ever made for your web based business, and time is definitely of the essence!

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    To Your Success,
    Jimmy D. Brown & Raymond McNally

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