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>> Master Reprint Rights. When your order a copy of "77 Writing Tips for eBook Authors" you'll automatically receive FREE master reprint rights. Sell this course and keep every penny you'll receive a ready-made webpage template with salesletter just like this one.

How to Become a Best-Selling eBook Author
By Using a Few "Tricks of the Trade"

Calling New Writers, Veteran Writers & Everyone In Between: Regardless
of Your Writing Experience, This eBook WILL Make You A Better Writer!

Do you have trouble finding the "best-selling topics" for eBooks that rake in the BIG BUCKS online?
Do you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for WHAT to write about in your eBook?
Do you ever wonder how to get started writing, and then how to keep going?
Do you sometimes face the dreaded "writer's block" and you just can't find a single word to write?
Do you want to be a successful eBook author...but just need a bit of guidance along the way?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then 77 Writing Tips for eBook Authors was written especially for YOU.

From the computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Saturday, 3:00 P.M.
Re: How to become a best-selling eBook author

Dear Friend:

Everywhere you turn people tell you that you need your own information product to sell online. They point their fingers towards all kinds of facts and figures to support their claims. They tell you that eBooks are the hottest selling product on the Internet. And they say in order to make the "big bucks" online, YOU must write an eBook to sell.

And they are absolutely correct.

The ones who earn the most money are the ones who create their own products. That's a fact.

And there are some very good courses available online to help you learn how to create an eBook. One of my favorites is 7 Day eBook by Jim Edwards. He shows you how to create an eBook in only ONE WEEK. Amazing!

But, one of the REALLY IMPORTANT things that most of these packages forget to share with you is HOW TO WRITE.

That's what 77 Writing Tips for eBook Authors is all about. It's not designed to share how to create your own information product to sell -- check out Jim's 7 Day ebook for that -- it's designed to help you become a better writer!

And becoming a better writer = writing better eBooks = making more money for YOU.

That is, after all, the point -- right?

Read and apply these tips and you WILL become a better writer and sell more eBooks...

There is no question in my mind that this eBook will help you become a much better writer than you are now -- regardless of your writing level or experience -- if you just read them and begin to practice them.

Nothing complicated here, just some proven tips for helping you to become a better writer and ultimately sell more of your eBooks.

77 Writing Tips for eBook Authors is divided into five popular sections...

"Hot Topics to Write About"

    In this opening section of the eBook, you'll discover WHAT to write about if you want to be a successful eBook author. I share with you the hottest topics that will always have a large audience waiting to buy your eBook if you deliver the content.

    Why write an eBook about something that no one wants to buy -- or very few want to buy. In this section you'll find out what really sells.

    I can guarantee you this: If you write quality content about the topics you'll discover inside this eBook, then you WILL have a hot-seller on your hands!

"Generating Ideas and Research"

    It's one thing to know WHAT to write about, it's another thing to come up with great ideas to share in your eBook.

    For example: You might know that "weight loss" is a hot topic and will sell like crazy if you can give some solid information. But, what kind of information should you share? What is it that folks want to know about weight loss? What will make them want to BUY your eBook?

    It's one thing to know a TOPIC, it's another thing to know the INFORMATION ABOUT THAT TOPIC that people are willing to pay money to find out.

    Discover how to know *exactly* what people want for any topic you want to write about.

    But, it doesn't stop there...

"Outlining and Organization"

    So, you've got a hot topic. You've got some specific ideas you want to share (because you KNOW folks are interested). Now what?

    Now, you learn some tips about getting organized. In section 03, you'll find the Jimmy D. Brown outlining formula to help you write an eBook that flows in a logical, systematic order. This is important for two reasons: (1) It helps your reader find and consume the information that they paid to receive. (2) It will make it SUPER EASY for you to write the eBook itself by following this kind of outline. Basically, when your outline is finished, it's just a matter of filling-in-the-blanks.

"Staying Motivated for Success"

    What generally happens with folks wanting to write an eBook is this: they start out with a bang and then they fizzle into the night.

    They begin a project with a lot of energy, vigor and excitement and then they get sidetracked with other things going on in their lives (both good and bad) and they get frustrated by their lack of progress...

    ...and they quit.

    That ain't gonna hapen to YOU! In section 04, you'll find many tips to help you stay motivated and finish what you started.

"Overcoming Writer's Block"

    Finally, you'll discover some clever tips for overcoming the dreaded "writer's block." Let's face it, ALL writers get to a point during their project where they just don't know what to write next. They try and they try, but the words just aren't coming out. They're stuck.

    That's called "writer's block." And it happens to us all.

    Fortunately, there are some things you can do to overcome it. With these simple ideas, you'll be able to start writing again...even when you hit a blank.

As you can see, this is a very detailed, well thought out set of insightful tips to help YOU become a better writer. If you apply just one of these SEVENTY-SEVEN tips, it will be worth the asking price.

And what is that asking price?

You Can't Lose With Our Guilt-Free NO Risk Guarantee
and Access to The Entire Package...ALL For ONLY $19.97!

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YOU pay only $15.97!

GUARANTEE: If 77 Writing Tips for eBook Authors is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

Order Today and Receive

>> Master Reprint Rights. When your order a copy of "77 Writing Tips for eBook Authors" you'll automatically receive FREE master reprint rights. Sell this course and keep every penny you'll receive a ready-made webpage template with salesletter just like this one.

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Wishing you much success, 
Jimmy D. Brown and Mike Merz

Copyright © 2003 by Jimmy D. Brown. All rights reserved.