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From the desk of Mike Merz
Owner of Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC
5:00 PM EST

As a well known Internet Marketing consultant, specializing in Online newbie start up campaigns, you can just imagine how many times I hear this ...

"Mike, I know having a product of my own is extremely important ... but I don't have one to sell! ... What do you suggest?"

As far as infoproducts go, buying reprint/resell rights has become VERY popular, BUT ...

  • Buying the rights to a successful program can cost you big bucks.
  • If the product IS successful already, it may hit a saturation point ... making your big investment an even bigger disappointment.
  • Top infoproduct producers don't normally offer inexpensive reprint/resell rights when the product is first released.
  • Purchasing the rights from anyone BUT proven producers is a gamble.

That's why I created Infoproducts 2 Sell!, which offers:

  • Exclusive, quality infoproducts with master reprint/resell rights, at a price you CAN afford.
  • Each current release is BRAND NEW ... released just DAYS earlier, if not THE SAME DAY!
  • Each and every one of them was authored by a proven producer of successful infoproducts.

*** Major Announcement! ***

November 5th, 2004

Turnkey Private Label Resell Rights Infoproduct Package!

*** Limited Availability (only 100 licenses will be made available ... when they're sold, that's it!).

  • Health Niche Based - the hottest niche market around ... who ISN'T into health products these days?
  • EVERYTHING'S Included - the products, ebook covers, graphics, templates ... you name it, it's in there!
  • Private Label Resell Rights - for all practical purposes they're YOUR products ... to sell as your own!

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Jimmy D. Brown's Has Now Become ...!

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VIP Access To Exclusive Tele-Clinics and Audio Case Studies With Other Niche Marketing Experts ($97 Value Per Call!)

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Online Business Basics

Online Business Basics

- By Jimmy D. Brown (released 04-02-04)

Never-Before-Seen, step-by-step home videos show you exactly how to build a business online -- Makes it incredibly easy for persons of all skill levels to start an Internet business!

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Products In The Rough

Products In The Rough II

"How to Create Your Own Exclusive Money-Making Information Products To Sell In As Little As One Day!"

24 Hours From Now You Can Have Your Own Original Product To Sell Online For $47, $97, Even $197 Each!

Now In Volume TWO ... The "Niche Product" Edition!
Over 250 Pages of Copyright-Free Niche Information!

January's Product Held Over!

Viral eBook Brainstorm!

- By Jimmy D. Brown (released 01-06-04)

Discover A Simple Formula for Getting Free Advertising For Any Site or List You Choose!

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Brand New Product Release!

Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss Present ...

Niche Factors!

Online Pros know that Niche Marketing is the
real key to Internet Marketing success!

Jimmy and Ryan reveal 6 need to know
niche marketing strategies ...

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Quality Online biz tools, services, and instructional courses that you can sell for 100% of the profits ... Infoproducts To Sell!

Successfully yours,
Mike Merz
Infoproducts 2 Sell!
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